Welcome from Chris Sipos and Rachel Young!

Thanks for stopping by to take a look and listen to our website.  We're an eclectic duo that can go from gentle acoustic singer /songwriter to classic country and bluegrass, from electric blues and classic rock to jam band and even classic jazz standards... almost at the a drop of a hat.  Frankly, we play the music that we love regardless of whatever category it might fit into... be it original or by one of our favorite artists.   Sometimes we play simply as a duo or a trio... but can just as easily turn into a tight power house of a five piece band: featuring the nimble fingers of Bill Taylor on bass, the raging harmonica of Pat Reninger and the solid grooviness of Tony Gonzales on drums.  It all depends on the show and the situation.   So please... take a listen to the sampling of music on this site.  We hope you enjoy it!  And if you do, please come cheer us on at one of our live shows throughout northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin and beyond!  Hope to see you soon... we have a whole bunch of tunes we'd love to play for you.